Tripura Districts and SDM Offices

Tripura Districts and SDM Offices

Tripura is a state in northeastern India. It is divided into 8 districts, each with its own SDM office. The districts and their SDM offices are as follows:

  • West Tripura: SDM Sadar, SDM Mohanpur, SDM Jirania
  • North Tripura: SDM Kailashahar, SDM Dharmanagar
  • South Tripura: SDM Belonia, SDM Santirbazar, SDM Sabroom
  • Dhalai: SDM Gandacherra, SDM Longtharai Valley, SDM Kamalpur
  • Khowai: SDM Teliamura
  • Gomati: SDM Udaipur, SDM Ambassa
  • Sepahijala: SDM Jirania, SDM Sonamura

The SDM is the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, and is the chief executive officer of the sub-division. The SDM’s office is responsible for a wide range of administrative matters, including revenue collection, land records, law and order, and social welfare.

The SDM office is an important part of the government machinery in Tripura. It is responsible for providing essential services to the people of the state, and plays a key role in maintaining law and order. Tripura Districts and SDM Offices.

The phone numbers of all SDM offices in Tripura

  • West Tripura:
    • SDM Sadar: +91-381-232-5937
    • SDM Mohanpur: +91-381-234-3088
    • SDM Jirania: +91-381-234-6042
  • North Tripura:
    • SDM Kailashahar: +91-381-252-2544
    • SDM Dharmanagar: +91-381-253-2255
  • South Tripura:
    • SDM Belonia: +91-3823-222231
    • SDM Santirbazar: +91-3823-272668
    • SDM Sabroom: +91-3823-270225
  • Dhalai:
    • SDM Gandacherra: +91-381-286-1552
    • SDM Longtharai Valley: +91-381-286-2022
    • SDM Kamalpur: +91-381-286-3535
  • Khowai:
    • SDM Teliamura: +91-3825-222236
  • Gomati:
    • SDM Udaipur: +91-3821-223573
    • SDM Ambassa: +91-3821-263226
  • Sepahijala:
    • SDM Jirania: +91-381-286-6201
    • SDM Sonamura: +91-381-286-6201

Please note that these phone numbers may change, so it is always best to check with the SDM office directly before calling.